Chiropractic care and bodywork for horses
Kingston equine chiropractor Dr. Chrisin Finn

Equine Chiropractic/Bodywork

Alleviate Pain & Enhance Your Horse’s Performance

Is your horse suffering from one of these problems?

  • Lack of Impulsion
  • Saddling Issues
  • Stiffness
  • Bucking
  • Reaction to girthing
  • Lead change difficulty
  • Bit Evasion
  • Arthritis
  • Resistance to aids

Equine chiropractic care and bodywork can alleviate the pain that causes these problems.

If your horse is distracted by pain, then he is unable to listen to you. Chiropractic and bodywork involve multiple types of manual therapy to create relaxation, optimal motion and peak performance of the equine athlete.

Chiropractic care removes nerve interference, and relieves muscle tension, to allow the body to move more easily and efficiently. It is a natural drug free approach to increase suppleness, relaxation, performance, and comfort of your horse.

With chiropractic care and bodywork your horse will experience:

  • Enhanced collection ability
  • Optimal Gaits
  • Improved comfort
  • Increased suppleness
  • Increased Impulsion
  • Relaxation
  • Improved responsiveness to Aids
  • Smoother Transitions

A thorough evaluation, including, stance, palpation of structure, range of motion, gait analysis, and neurologic function, is performed prior to chiropractic care and soft tissue bodywork. This evaluation will determine areas of pain and dysfunction to be treated. Saddle fit examination is also performed.

Veterinary chiropractic refers to the adjustment of subluxations of the joints of the vertebral column, limbs and skull. A subluxation refers to a dynamic complex involving bone, joint capsule, ligament, muscle, nerve, and blood vessels. When present subluxations result in neurologic and biomechanical dysfunction. The effect is upon the motion and comfort of your horse. When subluxations are present, your horse experiences pain, diminished and imbalanced motion, and decreased performance.

With chiropractic and bodywork, your horse will benefit from increased comfort and optimal movement.

Be Healthy and Pain Free Naturally!

Call Dr. Finn to schedule an evaluation of your horse. 360-297-3323

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